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The Answer Man



When a down-and-out lie detector operator accepts $50,000 to teach a defendant how to "beat the machine," he is drawn into a murderous web in which he must figure out who's lying and who's telling the truth -- without using his polygraph -- in order to stay alive.

"Fascinating...  The characters are too well drawn to behave predictably."

                                                               The New York Times


"Johansen tries his hand at the thriller and comes up with aces."

                                                                Kirkus Reviews

Beyond Belief


Paranormal debunker Joe Bailey is thrust into his first murder case when a college professor appears to have been murdered by a telekinetic 10-year-old boy.  But when Bailey becomes the target of possibly supernatural attacks, he may pay the ultimate price for his skepticism.


"Johansen polishes the story brilliantly to allow for the collision of nonstop tricky plot complications.  Readers will have fun trying to keep up with the tale's rapid pace and Johansen's nimble sleight of hand."

                                                                   Publisher's Weekly


"Read this one before nightfall."

                                                                   The New York Post

Deadly Visions



Paranormal debunker Joe Bailey must join forces with a world-famous psychic in pursuit of a serial killer. But is the murderer a force from the great beyond?


"Enthralling and innovative... I read it in one sitting."

                                                                New York Times Bestselling

                                                                author Linda Howard

Silent Thunder



When Hannah Bryson is charged with preparing a decommissioned Soviet submarine for display in a U.S. museum, she discovers a secret that catapults her and the vessel's legendary captain into a high-stakes adventure.


"Bestseller Johansen and her Edgar-winning son, Roy, collaborate on their first thriller with entertaining results."

                                                                    Publishers Weekly


"Johansen's collaboration with her crime-novelist son imbues their saga with muscular characters and a brisk immediacy that keep it gripping and relevant."



Storm Cycle



Computer genius Rachel Kirby teams up with archaeologist/adventurer John Tavak in a life-or-death quest for a disease cure discovered -- and lost -- in ancient Egypt.


"A pulse-pounding adventure intricate enough to satisfy tech-savvy geeks and hard-core adrenaline junkies alike."













Shadow Zone



Submarine designer Hannah Bryson has discovered a lost underwater city's last great secret -- one that could spell doom for the modern-day world!


"Light, sexy thriller peppered with enough science and mysticism to make any beach seem more exotic."

                                                             Kirkus Reviews



Close Your Eyes



Kendra Michaels is the FBI's ultimate weapon. Blind for the first twenty years of her life, she developed her other senses to an amazing degree.  Now, with her sight given to her via a miraculous surgical procedure, she uses her skills to track serial killers. In her latest case, however, Kendra herself becomes the target.



                                                                    Publisher's Weekly





Murder 101


College professor Charles Lattimore (Pierce Brosnan) gives his college writing students a killer assignment: plan the perfect murder. But one of the students may be taking his homework too seriously...


"Consistently ingenious."

                                                   The Hollywood Reporter


"A crisp, well-cast murder mystery.  Surprising and fun."




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